Knowledge Kills

ISBN-13: 978-0692363478 (Little Becky Press)

ISBN-10: 0692363475 

Book Excerpt: “They’re looking for us everywhere. They must think… at some point… we’re going to be so tired and so hungry we’re not going to run from them. Maybe they think we’re going to land on a friend or family member’s doorstep. So, they’re watching our friends so they can swoop in and grab us the second we make a mistake by thinking they forgot about us and it’s safe.”


Tara, Rachel, Danny and his brothers set out on the open sea running from those who want to harm them. Tara is shocked when she uncovers a dark secret about herself. The kids dock in San Diego where their sea adventure ends and serious trouble begins. The kids are in grave danger, running for their lives. Will they be able to out run the people who are after them? Can they put enough distance between them to save their lives?