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The Deception of Tara Magee


ISBN-13:978-0615842387 (Little Becky Press) 


Book Excerpt: I sat there not moving, just looking at the mess my poor body was in. I noticed cuts on my arms and legs. I bled from all of them. I was covered in dirt from head to toe, and I bled from a bump on my head. I felt the blood running down my forehead hitting my cheek, dripping off my chin and running down my chest onto my pajamas. I adjusted my spaghetti straps, stuck my finger in the blood and smeared it across my bare chest.

Tara Magee, a fourteen-year-old from the east coast, wakes up in a field with a lump on her head and a pounding headache. Who took Tara from her home and left her for dead in the field? What did she do to make someone mad enough to want to kill her? Even Tara doesn't know the answer to that question. Read the book to discover the secret about Tara.

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