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The Tara Magee Series

Rated E For Everyone

By K. J. Scott

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Sci-fi Mystery Adventure

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The world famous Tara Magee Series is the continuing saga of a girl's life that has been turned upside down by one event which sets off a chain reaction to many events that follow. 

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"A wonderful story and a good mystery. Can't wait to see them as movies.

Talia Date

"This story has intrigue. It’s impossible not to wonder what's up with this girl."

Thomas Zundel

"It’s a great story, easy to read and the characters are memorable."

Glenn Mix

Soon to be major motion pictures

The Deception of Tara Magee


ISBN-13:978-0615842387 (Little Becky Press) 


Book Excerpt: I sat there not moving, just looking at the mess my poor body was in. I noticed cuts on my arms and legs. I bled from all of them. I was covered in dirt from head to toe, and I bled from a bump on my head. I felt the blood running down my forehead hitting my cheek, dripping off my chin and running down my chest onto my pajamas. I adjusted my spaghetti straps, stuck my finger in the blood and smeared it across my bare chest.

Tara Magee, a fourteen-year-old from the east coast, wakes up in a field with a lump on her head and a pounding headache. Who took Tara from her home and left her for dead in the field? What did she do to make someone mad enough to want to kill her? Even Tara doesn't know the answer to that question. Read the book to discover the secret about Tara.


Seeing Double


ISBN-13:978-0615855738 (Little Becky Press)


Book Excerpt: We stood watching out the window for the longest time. Then we saw two figures appear on the porch and walk down the steps. I watched as Danny and Kate headed back to the house. I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach. As they came closer to the house, I could tell something was wrong just by the expressions on their faces.

Tara Magee takes off on a quest to reach Billy’s sister Amanda before Rachel’s parents get to her. When they arrive in Rachel’s home town they discover strange things are going on at her house. Then, they realize they’re in the middle of something they don’t understand. After seeing a tragic event unfold on the news Tara and Rachel decide to leave town. Will they find a safe place to hide? Will they find Amanda in time?


Knowledge Kills

ISBN-13: 978-0692363478 (Little Becky Press)

ISBN-10: 0692363475 

Book Excerpt: “They’re looking for us everywhere. They must think… at some point… we’re going to be so tired and so hungry we’re not going to run from them. Maybe they think we’re going to land on a friend or family member’s doorstep. So, they’re watching our friends so they can swoop in and grab us the second we make a mistake by thinking they forgot about us and it’s safe.”


Tara, Rachel, Danny and his brothers set out on the open sea running from those who want to harm them. Tara is shocked when she uncovers a dark secret about herself. The kids dock in San Diego where their sea adventure ends and serious trouble begins. The kids are in grave danger, running for their lives. Will they be able to out run the people who are after them? Can they put enough distance between them to save their lives?

 BOOK 4 

The List


ISBN-13: 978-0692738061 (Little Becky Press)

ISBN-10: 0692738061

Book Excerpt:  I looked over my shoulder as I followed her into the next car. The man was still behind us. It made the hairs on my neck stand up and gave me a chill. I put my hands on Rachel’s back and pushed her to move faster. “Rachel, he’s following us, hurry!” I whispered.

Tara and Rachel flee for their lives and catch a northbound train, but no matter how far they go, the fear of being caught is not too far from their thoughts. Running and hiding is getting old. They would like to have a normal life. While on the train they meet a woman named Peggy who is stunned by the story they tell her. She hides them out at her house until tragedy strikes. Will Tara ever get her life back? or will she be on the run forever?

The Gathering


ISBN-13: 978-0692738078 (Little Becky Press)

ISBN-10: 069273807X

Book Excerpt:  I felt something tight around my neck. I reached up and felt it with my hand. It was a thick leather collar with metal loops of some sort. “What…?” I started to ask. I immediately felt a jolt and stinging sensation to my neck. I gasped. If I were standing, I’m sure it would have knocked me to my knees. I didn’t try to speak again.

Tara is held captive by people she knows are going to kill her. It’s only a matter of time before her death sentence is carried out. Will Tara escape from her captors? or will they end her life?


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